Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Quilt Quest....He got it !!!

Several weeks have gone by. Besides wanting to be back in Hawaii, there was a nagging question running through our minds about the quilt.... Did Alex really get the quilt for sure???  We didn't want to ask Daniel Dae Kim or Peter Lenkov to ask Alex about it and reply to us. We were just hoping to hear some kind of response from Alex's assistants or anyone on the Hawaii Five-0 staff. When we initially left the quilt at the production offices, we were smart enough to put a copy of our fabulous article (thanks again to @Crankydad) and our contact information in the bag hoping to get a response... any response. Of course we'd be lying if we didn't say we hoped (toes and fingers crossed) we'd get a response from Alex himself. 

We were talking with each other online as usual on the morning of HIFF (Hawaiian Int'l Film Festival), Sunday, October 16, 2011. One of the ladies was checking her email and suddenly squeeeeeeeed and told us to check our emails immediately. Of course there was nothing in our regular email, so we went right to our spam folders.  There it email from Alex!

It was a simple line of thanks for the quilt to the four of us, which read:
Would like to sincerely thank you for the gift. Your dedication, time, and work put in "making" the quilt is beyond words appreciated.


(Did you notice Alex hashtagged his name?!?!)
How cool was that! We finally got the news we wanted to hear....Alex got the quilt! 
Looking back and remembering what friends said to us; "You're making a gift and BRINGING it to Hawaii?" It did seem pretty impossible. The closer the trip came, the more and more possible it seemed! When thinking back on the "quilt experience" it was so much more than the obvious gift it was intended to be. The enjoyment that we had in deciding what fabric to use, and whether we thought Alex would understand our choices, helped to make the hiatus time go by so much faster.  

The designing of it was something tangible to make the whole #H50/#AOL experience that was happening on twitter , more real. Something you could actually touch and see.  It was "incredible" (which doesn't feel like a strong enough word) that people all over the world could "talk" daily about their thoughts on Alex and the show.  

Something that's handmade is one thing - something that's designed so that every part of it shows the recipient that they're appreciated for what they bring to others - well - that's something more.  It brings us immense joy to know that our message of appreciation made it to Alex.

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