Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coming "home" and giving back

This year has been a real roller coaster ride for fans. Then during hiatus when we thought the ride was ending, it became an extreme roller coaster ride. 

But we are all going back to Hawaii !

The H50fanatics are excited to be seeing each other again, along with the fans who live in Hawaii and the ones who are flying in from all over the world.  This includes the friends we met last year, those we've met this year on twitter, and friends we have yet to meet. We are looking forward to meeting all of you.

So much of the magic of coming to Hawaii for Hawaii Five-0 has been the fan experience. We know it would be impossible to separate it from the "show" experience.  Last year's trip was over way too quickly. This year, we've decided to stay a little longer. We have a long wish list for the things we didn't get to see and do last year, and we definitely intend to do them all of this September.

The elephant In the room

After we left Hawaii last year, we began to  decide when we would come back. We knew we wanted to return, but weren't sure when to come back.  We talked about the opportunities that going during what we referred to as "off-SOTB season" had for seeing filming, versus going when we might be able to see the red carpet event and the season premiere.  Being there when hundreds of other fans would be there was a definite consideration for us.  In the end, we decided that to be there with the other fans for a possible premiere was what we wanted to plan for.

Anyone that has ever planned a group vacation across the country, with various work commitments,  travel schedules, family commitments and their needs, unanticipated family and economic emergencies, knows how tricky this has been for us. The motivation was there and all plans were eventually set in place.

This year's SOTB announcement was a stunner for all of us in so many ways.  A definite shock with so many extreme emotions to process. It would have been so upsetting not to have any additional  photographs of the stars this year, to add to those saved from the past two seasons.  In that regard, it's good that the decision was finally made to have SOTB.  We aren't privy to the discussions leading to the cause of the delay in the announcement,  but we dealt with it and got back to the business of packing.

Its wonderful that weeks ago, before any definite news had been announced, our friends  @alohabruce, @alohayaling,  along with @H50undercover and @wendiejoy,  stepped up to plan events for all the incoming fans . With no information at all about a firm date, they planned a tweet up, a tour, a luau and offered many more suggestions for informal events to truly make travelers feel welcomed.   

Giving back for all that we have been given

The H50hana experience has been an emotional and passionate one for most of us. Since meeting through social media and creating long lasting friendships, its made us realize how lucky we really are to have each other. 
Since we were so blessed to have met each other, we want to share our Ohana with others.  Take a moment and read Wendie's Five-0 Redux blog to see how you can participate in helping to give back and support a wonderful charity this year. Wendie decided to ask Ellen to make a quilt to raise money for this charity. Proceeds from your donations, will all go to, The Wounded Warrior Project .

Alex O'Loughlin would have participated in the Stray Dogs Tough Mudders this fall. Due to scheduling conflicts, he will be unable to participate. The Stray Dogs Tough Mudders is an obstacle course relay that raises awareness for The Wounded Warrior Project. We believe his fans will step up to donate to this worthy cause in his name. We hope that all Hawaii Five-0 fans will want a chance to own this special quilt, and will help us to help others in need.

And for us? 

Just liked we talked about on the day we left our lei's on this statue shown here...we are returning All of you know that the H50fanatics will enjoy playing hard, sleeping very little, enjoy basking in the the sun, and enjoy seeing and meeting up with our Ohana, new and old. 

See you soon O'ahu - its been WAY TO LONG !!!!!!!!!

Aloha for now!
Ellen, Stacey, Deb and Maddy


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