Sunday, September 18, 2011

SOTB Brunch and a surprise! 9-10-11

We watched from our prime seats as the big screen went up along with the concession stands of food and shave ice. The time had come for our lunch down at the other end of the beach. We ventured back again to the Queens Surf Cafe for a delicious brunch spread. We went in groups so we didn't loose our prime seating on the beach.

As we entered the cafe, the smells of eggs benedict, bacon, french toast, chirizo, spam fried rice and fresh fruit filled the air. It was quite a spread laid out for us to enjoy.

To our surprise, we found out that a cast member of Hawaii Five-0 was going to join us for brunch. No, not Alex as we all hoped. We were fortunate to have Brian Yang grace us with his presence. Brian plays Charlie Fong. He's works in the lab at 5-0.  He was most gracious to all of us. He posed for pictures and signed many autographs. We thank him for being such a great sport sharing such a busy day with us.  Mahalo Brian.

In addition to Brian visiting our brunch, we received yet another surprise from 2 other special guests. Twitter friends @LisaLisa98 and @KeithSato joined us. They surprised us by bringing in a very yummy and special dessert. Our very own Sunset On The Beach cake they made especially for us. How cool is that! The adorable cast figures, complete with a fallen shave ice muppet and the Camaro with it's flashing lights and siren were delicious! We hated to cut into it and eat it. Yumminess for all!

We continued to go back and forth to our group on the beach until we were all fed at the brunch. With full bellies, we sat in the hot afternoon sun. Anxiously, we awaited the arrival of the H50 cast on the red carpet. Before we knew it, the time was upon us!

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