Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Stakeout on the beach...3:00am 9-10-11

After a night of partying at our luau, we settled in for a quick nightime nap. 2 hours to be exact. Stacey and I set our alarm for 2:30am to get up and settle in on the beach for our prime red carpet spots. We get down to the beach wondering if we'll be the only ones there. Low and behold, we run into fellow 5-0 fans Monica (@monimoob) and Andy (Andyisjiajia) who've been there since 2:00am. We settle down right at the end of the red carpet behind the barricades. Prime location for all.

As the morning progressed and the sun began to rise, our fellow H50 groupies showed up to relieve us of our posts. We had several groups set up to do so throughout the day. Long about 5:00am, we decided to begin our tweeting process. First up, a note to the executive producer of Hawaii Five-0, Peter Lenkov from Candy (@Promogirl2) and myself.

We wish you were here at the SOTB site. Got here at 3am and we're waiting for you. Send coco puffs for Leiliha Bakery.

 Candy Abrams

Waiting on the beach! Been here steak-ing out our red carpet spot since 3am sir! Bring food please! Malasadas will do!

Peter Lenkov

After those tweets were sent, Peter did see us in a round about way...He sent @HarryCovair to us with some CoCo Puffs from Leliha's Bakery.  This was my reply to Peter.
Madaline Rico

Mahalo for the breakfast yumminess. We love you Peter! See you later.
After sharing breakfast with our H50 groupies, we settled in for a very long day in the hot, Hawaiian sun. Umbrellas were in order along with a sunblock bath. The hours drew closer and closer for the premiere to begin. Red carpets were being laid and palm trees from hell were going up blocking our spectacular view of the red carpet. A phone call to some H50 insiders got at least one of the palms removed so we could get part of our view back. This is our view from the prime seats up front.
All in all, our steakout was a huge success. Now onto the big night's premiere of season 2 for Hawaii

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