Sunday, March 18, 2012

San Francisco Bay hosts Oahu #H50 Ambassador

When I first became a part of this crazy #H50hana experience last year I never thought I’d be having friends visit on the mainland (which wasn’t even a word I used much before last year).  But here we were on an overcast and WINDY San Francisco Day – feeling the warmth of a week last year in September. 

Of course it poured all week and I worried, I mean ~ how does a gray day in the city compete with the time when @wendiejoy hosted us last summer in Waikiki ?  I shouldn't have worried, they brought the Aloha with them.

We met Wendie, Chief, and D-Bug at South Beach Marina.  It’s a great location just next to AT&T ball park and the Bay Bridge.  We left the marina and headed up the city front.  The plan was to skirt the city front on the way to the Golden Gate and maybe even get close to Alcatraz before heading over to Berkeley/Oakland then back to South Beach.   But as often happens with boating – the weather had other plans.  It was windy and very choppy on the bay so we ended up having a short boat ride.  It was a good thing that Chief was comfortable driving the boat, it was exhilarating on the bay to say the least.  Wendie and Ellen were able to sneak in a bit of Hawaii Five-0 talk but it was mostly a family visit and it was wonderful.  It makes the long wait til September just a little bit easier. 


  1. Super fun day! Exciting on the water. I have to say, it was really scary, but Ellen and her hubby were as cool as cucumbers-- and Chief was having a ball-- so I guessed we were fine:) Great day with friends! So blessed to have been treated to an experience at sea. Thanks Ellen:) You are a great host and thank you for being so wonderful to me and my family:) XO Wendie

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