Saturday, March 17, 2012

We're Halfway There!

Hey There!

It's mid March! To quote Jonathan Bon Jovi, we are "halfway there" and thanks to the news this week, we aren't "living on a prayer" any more. Hawaii Five 0 is renewed for a third season! Now all we need is for @plenkov to accidentally tweet the SOTB date again! All four of us fanatics have our reservations for SOTB2012 made. Thanks to Bruce & Yaling, we have the flexibility to change dates as needed!

Exciting things coming up for the H50fanatics in the next few weeks. Tomorrow Wendie (@WendieJoy) of Five0Redux is meeting up with Ellen in San Francisco. Ellen and her husband are taking Wendie,Chief and D-Bug on a boat tour of the bay.. here's hoping the weather clears for them!

Next weekend, Stacey and Maddy are meeting in New York for fun in the City. I KNOW they will have a great time! I'll wave as Stacey flies over me... sigh. The joys of living in flyover country.

I hope to have another 'Midwest tweetup' in Indianapolis soon with fellow SOTBer Candy and twitter friend Bonnie and my real life friend Cheryl. They are big #H50 fans too!

The four of us #H50fanatics still "talk" at least daily and usually WAY more than that...sometimes we have continuing conversations across varying forms of social media...text, facebook, email, twitter, actual phone calls... LOL.. We skype every now and then as well. We have even figured out a way for Ellen to watch H50 with the East/Midwest people via Skype and join in our lively FB chats w/ a few other SOTB friends & H50 fans! 

Where would we be without our social media?  #H50Nation forever!

ALOHA! Deb, Stacey, Maddy and Ellen.

SOTB2012 countdown: 25 weeks ( assuming 9/8/2012)

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